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SIMPLE MEANING:A zandanian is a type of youtuber who destroys others accounts by getting people to spam hate in its victims videos.
MORE EXPLAINED DEFINITION: A zandanian is a type of youtuber who is usually around the age of 5-15 who will post a hate comments in its victims videos that will really piss the its victim off. The zandanian will continue this until the victim eventually posts a video about the troller or until the victim posts hate comments in the zandanian's videos. If this does happen the zandanian will act innocent and ask other users for help with the victim hateing on him. The users the zandanian asks for help will believe him instead of the victim. After the "innocent zandanian" gets more users to help him/her the victims channel will get overrun with hate because they think the victim is the hater troller.
Guy 1: Hey have you seen DirtLikeJust's new video?
Guy 2: No I dont watch him, I heard rumor's that he's a zandanian.
by TheFlyingFish January 29, 2015
A group of extreme butt hurt 12 year olds
If you were to post something about ponys, a $WÅ member will post a comment saying in there fail of English: "Lolz dis b gay" or "go drink bleach u feggit". Any $wå member would post those following comments.
by TheFlyingFish February 02, 2014

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