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A wicked hot girl from the site called Lords of Lordswho is coveted by males the world over. She is just as wicked as she is hot and is completely insane. Goes by the name Jade
Janie is fuckin cool as shit ya cocksmokin, barnyard-animal lovin, swamp donkey!..So fuck off
by theevilone January 09, 2005
A cable sports channel. Unlike wordESPNword, which provides nationalized coverage, Fox Sports Net is more regional in nature, with various regions of the country each having their own version of the network, thus providing more coverage of local teams.
"The Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game was carried on Fox Sports Net."
by TheEvilOne June 22, 2003
The theory regarding ones that the one-itude is directly proportional to the cold-itude of the one.
"A one that is not cold, is scarcely a one at all."
by TheEvilOne June 25, 2003
1.One who is fond of sexual intercourse
with species other than humans.

2.One who defines all that is a cocksmoker,douche bag,and a dickface all rolled into one homo-erotic package.

3.A dumbass donkey-raping thundercunt who loves to eat penguin shit.

4.Adj. used to describe someone with a very short and skinny "johnson"

pencil dick sheep-fucker sea donkey ass piratebitchwang cocksmoker thunder cunt
Did you see Marl on Lords of Lords today...what a cocksmoking thunder cunt.
by theevilone January 11, 2005

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