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The less commonly used term for brothers or sisters.

They are often identified with a loud voice and tattletale incidents. Pinching is their main defensive action.

Siblings are often called annoying by their older and smarter siblings.
"Mommy, he took my toy!"
"Don't be such a sibling!"
by TheEve December 05, 2011
MC who likes to think he is hard. His most famous song is 'Back Of My Car' Mc Chippy has a VERY bad haircut, and is ginger. He is mostly listened to by chav's and children who aspire to be thugs.
Radio: "Yo, in the back of my car what goes on in the back of my car...."
Person 1: mate, thats mc chippy rappin' innit bledrin
Person 2: yeah yeah mushting mc chippy 2k12
by theeve August 01, 2012

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