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2 definitions by TheEmoKid

One that can do well, or not in sports. They tend to be around other jocks, and take showers together aswell. They think they are better than everyone around them, they get the sluts, they go to the parties. After high school, they tend to go nowhere. Now, there are good Athletes, they respect other's standards, nor do they look down upon others, smaller, or weirder.
Example: I'm emo. My cousin plays sports and hangs out with the athletes. We are completely differen't. He doesn't care how I look, he thinks it's kinda cool, but he would never do it, And 'most' of his friends don't care either, they like me for who I am, not what I look like.

Me: Hey, whats up?

Jock: Haha, fag. Go cut yourself.
Me: Hey, whats up?

True athlete: Nothing really, how are you?
by TheEmoKid June 28, 2006
Possible the funniest show ever thought of, it shows a daily life of the Griffin family, Peter, Louis, Stewie, Meg, Chris, and Brian.

People say it was copyed from the Simpsons... but hey... whocares..? Really. They just made it that much funnyer, cause.. lets see... Family is so much funnyer than the Simpsons. *Wins* (Neverreallylikedthesimpsonsanyways.)

Fox had Family guy, then they canceled it, then they begged for it to come back after it started to gain popularity.

In otherwords, Family Guy Rocks!
Person 1: Hey, lets go watch simpsons!

Person 2: Hey, lets not and go watch family guy!

Person 1: Alright!!
by TheEmoKid June 27, 2006