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the ultimate cock block. nothing tops this guy. he is completely unaware that he has no talent, game, skill, or penis and will do whatever it takes to prevent you, the far superior male, from getting much needed punani.
Male Victim 1- Bro, (he who shall not be named) wouldnt fuckin get the hint last nite

Male victim 2- I know bro, he had no shot with either girl, i just dont know if he knew what he was doing or if he thought one of the broads would suck his lil cock over one of ours

Male victim 3- he had no clue what he was doing, hes fucking retarded and pathetic. im callin him cocka blocka flame from now on
#cock block #creep #block #cock #wacka flocka flame #wacka #fag
by TheDuo January 23, 2011
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