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To subject a partner, usually female, to rough and largely self-satisfying sexual activity. Commonly used in Northeast Ohio, and especially Washington, DC.

"Dude, I slamhoused Jillian last night."
by TheDudes44107 May 30, 2008
Variant of the high sign given in especially disorderly situations. The stern high sign is delivered when a normal high sign would be insufficient to call the class to attention. The stern high sign is characterized by a menacing, aggressive tone, and is often accompanied by a domineering, even frenzied, staredown.
Profe.- "The natives must be restless today. Lupe Wawack, please give us the stern high sign."

Lupe- "Silencio clase! Levanten las manos! La clase de Español empieza! Las bocas estan cerradas! Bájense las manos!"

Profe.- "Gracias. Uno, dos, tres, minidiálogo."
by TheDudes44107 June 22, 2008
A verbal greeting used to indicate the official commencement of introductory Spanish classes. The profesora typically selects a student, who gives the high sign, thereby calling the class to order.
Profesora- "Nacho Meyers, would you like to give the high sign?"

Nacho- "Sí. Silencio clase. Levanten las manos. La clase de Español empieza. Las bocas estan cerradas. Bájense las manos."
by TheDudes44107 June 20, 2008

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