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someone that does stuff just to piss others off and goes around making threats to others
"the wiggeracross the street is the biggest asshole on the block"
by thedude July 09, 2004
an out of touch woman who drives her kids to soccer games and plays and usually bitches about everything under the sun. she can be seen bitching at managements of compenies and usually "thinks" a kid is better than everyone and anything else including a dog

she also has this "idea" that she is still in her teens/early 20s when in reality she is far from that and tries to be "cool" by subscripting to magazines meant for teens which makes her pathetic
"oh man that's one pathetic soccer mom she should stop bitching and get a life"
by thedude July 11, 2004
Red Bull and Vodka. 2 oz. vodka, 1 can Red Bull Energy Drink. Pour into a tall glass full of ice. Stir. Garnish with a lime if desired.
I'd like 2 RBV's please.
by thedude December 22, 2004
Torn Up, extremely intoxicated.
We gonna get toe up from da flo up, yo!
by thedude December 22, 2004
there are very twisted verisons of the word this term started in the early, heavy mental hospital days by a shrink that didn't know too much

anyway the word means two things

1. someone that doesn't respect the rights of others

2. one that doesn't socialize
"oh man check out that guy over there he's so not respecting the rights of others he's being anti-social"
by thedude July 11, 2004
Going on urban dictionary and hitting the random button. What ever word shows up use it in a sentence to text someone. Do this repeatedly
Girl: were u urban dictionary texting me last night?

Guy: nope must be a coincidence.
by Thedude July 25, 2012
To play the piano.
"Tickling the ivories tickles me in a way, that if Loretta tickled me in that way, I'd say, Oh yea ... that's nice ... that's the spot."
by thedude February 16, 2005
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