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A combination of 2 types of people that nobody wants to be. A Nigger and a Faggot. Put them together and u have a good insult
God, dude ur such a fucking nigger faggot
by TheDonRoberts June 15, 2009
a good phrase to call someone when u cant think of anything clever
A. ur a little cunt faggot u bitch!
B. Yea well ur a little shit fuck
by TheDonRoberts June 15, 2009
A person who does not like cunt. Faggots, gays, queers, or homo sexuals are cunt faggots.
Uhh he fucked that guy? what a cunt faggot.

Wow he's the biggest cunt faggot i've ever seen.
by TheDonRoberts June 15, 2009

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