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Residue left over after a bowel movement when one doesn't wipe thoroughly, most often making one's anus itch. See also D.A.D.
"I just got done taking a big crap and ran out of TP; now I have a bad case of sklitch."
by TheDogg March 21, 2006
After a girl did not make it to the toilet in time and pooped in her panties.
Mom:"jen have you had an accident".
Jen:" no"
Mom: "come here, (jen comes) turn around (jen turns around),(mom looks in pants)"just as i thoght lets get you cleaned up".
Mom: why did you poop panties.
by Thedogg February 08, 2014
The name given for completely filling the toilet bowl with bubbles while urinating.
I pissed so hard and so long that I made a full egg.
by TheDogg February 14, 2007
Acronym: Dried Anal Discharge

Sklitch when it's removed from the anal area. Sometimes the removal requires a chisel. see also sklitch
"My sklitch was itching so bad that I had to scrape it off. Now that we have some D.A.D.; wanna smoke it?"
by TheDogg March 21, 2006

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