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A breed of dog. Specifically, the Louisiana State Dog, aka the Catahoula Cur, The Catahoula Hog Dog, the Louisiana Leopard Dog and Louisiana Catahoula.

One of the most versatile hunting dogs known to man. They are pointers, setters, grounders, coon dogs, bear dogs, hog dogs, retrievers and herders.

Physically known for their speckled or 'leopard' coats and blue eyes, a catahoula can be any color or combinations of colors.

Aggressive or aloof with strangers, but loyal to its pack. A catahoula is independent, protective and territorial.
Abney Catahoulas have been used for Search and Rescue, Narcotics Detection, working cattle, horses, and sheep, hunting deer, squirrel, raccoon, wild hogs, black bear, and mountain lion.
by TheDogLady May 26, 2004

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