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2 definitions by TheDiscoStick

An almost magical device (originally created for helping adhesions with C-Section surgery) that gives women intense orgasms through their clothing! Gives a whole new meaning to going dancing with the Disco Stick.
I don't care where we go dancing tonight as long as they have a Disco Stick. God I need a discostick tonight!
by TheDiscoStick May 03, 2011
A health and fitness device, that also makes women very very happy. It had a rather unexpected side effect - in that it gives most women intense orgasms - through their clothing. It can be used in private or public. If women want want they can use it while dancing.

US and International Patents have been filed for its methods and devices.

It's trademarked in the US(serial # 85048794), EU & Japan (International Reg # 1062656) as:

"Adult sexual stimulation aids, namely, massage systems comprised of non-electric and electric massage devices held in place by non-electric and or electric positioning devices for stimulating, vibrating, and massaging various parts of female anatomy and stimulation devices for aiding in sexual arousal and experience while reclining, standing, sitting or dancing for women that can be used both unclothed and clothed for private and or public use"

Some people joke that it's a 21'st Century cure for "Female Hysteria"
I need a DiscoStick(TM) tonight!
by TheDiscoStick April 14, 2011