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4 definitions by TheDillKing2

1. A dildoh of many colors.
2.When a dildoh is inserted into the anus, and is twisted around making colors spinning.
3.When a man ejaculates around the partners anus.

#3 commonly reffered to as a Anal Creampie
Her Bum sparkler is green, yellow, and red. She is so good at working with it.

I let a bum sparkler all on her ass...it looked like i splashed paint all over her ass.
by TheDillKing2 February 01, 2010
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A technical term for poop or shit...can be used as Bum Gravy which means diahrrea.

Bum Roll also means the same.
I asked him if he wanted a Bum Steak, and he said yes...haha

Man i had some bad bum gravy last night...i had to shit all the time.

Hes such a dick, stupid bum steak.
by TheDillKing2 February 01, 2010
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An extreme case of aggression or beastiness...being like randy moss.

Something perfect or perfected

A moment of perfection.

(Noun): Mosstosity

(Verb): Mossed
Did you see that catch he made in football...it was so moss.
by TheDillKing2 February 01, 2010
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A abbreviation for: (the) Whitest Kids You Know

Or a symbol for extremely intelligent people...or extremely pale people.

Can also be used in slang to the supremicist group(KKK).

Also WKIK which is used in first person...Whitest kid(s) I/U know.
Zack: Damn those kids are so smart, he made a 100 on his final exam.

Ryan: I know...they are the WKIK.

Zack: Yeah

Phrase 2:

Jerome: Sometimes the dick says the most racist things...

Cue: Yeah that Sob is one of the WKIK...stupid ass reedneck...

Phrase 3:

Darrell: Dude, It sucks your parents are so good of friends with there family...they must be the WKUK.
by TheDillKing2 February 01, 2010
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