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Abbreviation for: See if I care.
Term implying that an individual does not care for the consequences their actions may have.
Also see idgaf and idgas.

Not to be confused with sic
She: Yeah, you did not clean up the kitchen! Now you have ruined our relationship for good! I'm taking the kids...

He: siic....

She: ...and the TV...

He: ....shiiit....
by TheDefinitioner90 November 17, 2010
When you are out, but instead of enjoying yourself you proceed to lean against the wall, a pillar, etc. Usually with some alcoholic beverage and/or a cigarette.
Lisa: Oh my! I am having such a great time, are you alone here by the way?

John: Nah, my friend Paul came along, but he is only supporting the wall!
by TheDefinitioner90 November 01, 2010
noun: When you call people, but none pick up, as if simulatenously all telecommunication services are disabled.
Can stretch over the course of an hour to over a day.
Jerry: I tried to call Melissa yesterday, she did not pick up. But as I was bored I decided to call Phillipp, Josef, Sandra, Yvonne and even my mother, but apparently today was dead phone syndrome!

Tom: I have that as well occassionally, ... but hey, you didn't try to call me!

Jerry: ...
by TheDefinitioner90 October 21, 2010

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