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Popular name for the hallucinogenic liquor Absinthe; 'green' obviously coming from the colour, and 'fairy' from the fact that after a few shots you shrink to 6 inches and grow wings. What Van Gogh was drinking when he cut his ear off.
Wanna go dancing with the green fairy again?
by TheDefenestrator April 16, 2005
A long and haphazard trail of liquidized faeces, left by dogs with serious gastro-intestinal problems.
With wonder and awe we followed the Calcutta Splutter from avenue to alleyway.
by TheDefenestrator April 15, 2005
The end result of gelling your hair into a 'mini-mohawk' without shaving the sides. Popular amongst third-year students and yuppies, presumably to add an air of 'rebellion' to their tragic corporate asses.
That guy in Travis used to have one, but I think he finally grew balls and got the sides shaved.
by TheDefenestrator April 15, 2005
A turd of gargantuan proportions.
I keep flushing, but the dreadnought remains.
by TheDefenestrator April 15, 2005
To unknowingly have your wang protrude from your trousers.
Pssssst.. You're flying solo again, man.
by TheDefenestrator April 15, 2005
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