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a word to describe intensity,an increased quantity of something:

ex. That muhhfucka is too much!
mahhfuck this rice!
by TheDarkness1694 May 17, 2009
A sexual act involving 2 slices of Kraft singles and a man's genitals. It involves wrapping both slices around the man's penis and sucking until ejaculation which will also produce melted cheese. Post-ejaculation you have created the ever famous "CHEEZE SAUCE!!"
Example 1

Man - "Bitch you hungry?!"
Bitch - "Umm... i could eat something."
Man - "Bitch! Come make some CHEEZE SAUCE!!"

Example 2
Bitch - "Damn!"
Man - "What's goin on cuint?"
Bitch - "I went to make a Cheeze Whiz sandwitch, and we seem to be all out of cheeze!"
Man - "Ain't no problem Hoe! Come over here and get some of that CHEEZE SAUCE!!"
by TheDarkness1694 June 01, 2010
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