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4 definitions by TheCraw

A chic who has given a (blumpkin) more than once. A blumpkin is the art of getting a blowjob while relieving your bowels, normally in a toilet.
Yesterday morning this chic gave me another "blumpkin" so I got her a t-shirt that says "blumpkinator" she wears it proudly!
by TheCraw April 22, 2008
35 14
The art of giving your partner (The Broom)
Yesterday, my girl was pissing me off, so today I feel there will be a good "Brooming"
by TheCraw June 17, 2008
17 8
the word is used after you think in your own mind, you have gotten the better of someone. It is similar to (in your face)
Aaron tried to move away from the fart I layed in his face, but was too slow, so I said "HaGa-DaGa" He knew he was (owned).

by TheCraw April 23, 2008
11 4
To breakup with your partner, for any reason.
Frank: Where is your woman?
Carl: She was pissing me off, so I gave her "The Broom"
by TheCraw June 17, 2008
6 0