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1) One who has no idea which words to use correctly in a sentence.

2) Someone who has never used and has no intention of using a dictionary.... EVER.

3) One who has no idea what Merriam Webster's dictionary is.

4) A serious lack of knowledge of the English language.
Dave is completely diction deficiant... He is excellent at creating run on sentences though.
by TheCradle August 31, 2007
1) A person with a very large, misshapen cranium, and cannot or does not remember or understand basic instruction 5 minutes after they have heard them and acknowledged said instructions.

2) Someone who says, "O.k." or "I will get it done." while staring blankly and obviously not grasping the information given.

3) Someone who has more interest in the bright lights overhead rather than interpreting the pertinent information given.
It's like Mike has a deflector dome!!! All information just bounces right off that guy!
by TheCradle August 29, 2007

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