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Highly ghetto in nature, this Texas city is home to damn good Cajun food, U.G.K, & the coldest 5A football team around, The Trill-Ass Memorial Titans. Represent the 409. Also mentioned in a Jay-Z song.
"Dem Boys From P.A. Don't Play."

"Big Pimpin' Down In P.A.T" (Port Arthur Texas)

"Man, you heard about that boy Jamaal Charles from PA goin to UT next year? He's gonna run the damn show"
by TheClyde August 12, 2005
Something you get when you see a rather unattractive female. An inverted boner, if you would. Or perhaps a negative hard on.
"Wow, did you see that ugly ass bitch with no tits? She totally gave me a renob.
by TheClyde August 12, 2005

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