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Very rich culture that the "Americans" Gringos envy em' many times. Rich in petroleum, minerals, food, education, schools, they have values, respect, nice presentation at work. They value their family, work, god, stuff, food. It's a very nice culture. Many times we helped USA in the Katrina hurricane, in the september 11th we don't hate "Americans" because we are also Americans, not from USA but from North America, if you need some information just use a simple map to localize it.

Mexico sometimes need help from USA and USA sometimes need help from Mexico and nobody can deny it. although you/he/she/it don't/doesn't like they don't care
Fred alberd is racist because he talks stupidly about Mexican people.
Fred alberd thinks that he's cool because he feels superior but it's only a sucker
by TheChaser August 16, 2006

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