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A special party where a group of six or more men stand in a circle touching their flaccid penises together in order to mimic a bowl of soft noodles. Alfredo sauce is optional. (still illegal in 5 states)
I tried to surprise my friend the other day and boy did I screw up! I walked in on a major pasta toss! I had no idea he was into that.
by TheCandleArsonist January 21, 2009
Any excrement with a diameter greater than the length of the turd itself.
I thought I was constipated, but then I realized I just had to pass a killer ass choad.
by TheCandleArsonist January 21, 2009
A bad case of genital warts where the warts resemble buttered popcorn growing off your cock, often blocking the urethra.
I should have never put my cock in that cunt bacon. It gave me the worst case of penis popcorn you could imagine!
by TheCandleArsonist January 21, 2009
A fancy feast created when a group of males or females (who typically don't wipe) bend over naked in a line, offering up a smorg-ASS-board to the average couple looking for a new place to eat out. So many dingleberries to choose from!
He wanted to take his girl somewhere new, so they headed to the dingleberry buffet for a romantic evening of festivities and eating out.
by TheCandleArsonist January 21, 2009
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