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A poorly executed workout routine that is primarily based around ten to twelve simple exercises. Differentiation of the routine is prohibited. It requires taking steroids, eating large quantities of bad food, and drinking heavily. In depth knowledge of the human body and its limitations are not necessary, and are often frowned upon.
Big guy, pretty strong, mentally unstable, with no body definition. Those are the results if you pelkercise.
by TheCManBaby!!! September 24, 2010
Pulling ones flaccid penis through the fly of their jeans, and walking around in a casual manner. This is usually done in bars or clubs, due to the low light. The purpose is yet to be determined, as most users of the Hanger 18 are drunk and have no real motive.
All the girls by the bar were disgusted to see that he was pulling a hanger 18.
by TheCManBaby!!! September 24, 2010
An overly effeminate man, that prefers the company of his male friends, yet always claims that he is not gay. Often they are confused with fans of the emo genre, as they resemble each other in both fashion and musical tastes. Their sex lives are also a bit of a mystery, in the sense that they will only preform anal sex on their female partners. When questioned about their sexual behavior, they will usually respond with "it just feels better".
"Whoa, is your buddy gay or something"? "No he's just a flynnpat".
by TheCManBaby!!! September 24, 2010
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