24 definitions by TheBurninator

Finally, a way to turn this site back into what it was supposed to be: a dictionary, not a damn chat room!
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003
Something people believe the Iraqis have because of 50 percent media, 50 percent Bush, and 0 percent truth.
If there's one thing Bush is good at, it's lying.
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
Something that happens after every half hour on a Microsoft Windows 98 or lower. Get an XP, dorks!
That's my 129th BSOD today and counting...
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003
Something.com is the most pointless website ever.
Just go there and see for yourself.
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
The all new TV-style thing on HR 1936. Featuring both sound and vision!
Parsnips a Plenty: Featured in glorious Sound O Vision
by TheBurninator November 15, 2003
A completely stupid thing to say when someone is pissed off or has just been burned, but can't think of anything better.
Dude, you suck at this game!

Yeah well... your mom!
by TheBurninator December 10, 2003
Amazing fighting game with great graphics, solid storyline (most people are just too lazy to pay attention to it), and kickass characters with kickass moves.
I just bought Soul Calibur II and I can't stop playing it!
by TheBurninator December 14, 2003
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