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Somebody, typically male, who makes more money than they should and is a douchebag to others who make less than him.

The word comes from the fact that cupcummers would make a lot of easy money from sperm banks by cumming in cups. A cupcummer is then someone who, undeservedly, makes a lot of money just doing simple things (i.e. cumming in a cup). Cupcummers are often, but not always, materialistic assholes who show off their expensive things (that they didn't earn) to make others feel bad.
I can't stand Bob from accounting, he's such a cupcummer!

Who does that cupcummer think he is in his Porche?
by TheBurmeister May 18, 2011
A sentence or phrase uttered by somebody that ruins the heat of the moment (or the "buzz").
Alex: I can't believe they let us in the theater for free!
Bob: Yeah they must think we're VIPs!
Carl: No, they're letting everyone in for free today.
Alex: Wow Carl, way to drop the buzzkill bomb.
by TheBurmeister June 29, 2011

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