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2 definitions by TheBrownGuy777

Rest is actual sleep. Theres no funny business going on this time kids just some real beauty sleep. Also see: Nap, Sleep,M&M
Person A: " I hate my job I'm going to go home and get some rest."
by TheBrownGuy777 July 07, 2010
Nap in its true and best form means "Masturbation." I the middle of the day most people from ages 13-64 take a 30 minute nap or continue to constantly nap all day if their parent and/or nurse is not home. Also see Rest, Sleep, M&M
Person A:"Omg I caught my brother billy napping on a ghetto gaggers video today."
Person B: " He must fell asleep while jerking off."
Person A: " No loser napping is jerking or rubbing; check urban dictionary."
by TheBrownGuy777 July 07, 2010