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1. A one time hobo, who was a leader of the hobo wars in a crusade against the rich, living in a two story box on 4th street. Jebus fought along side of billy bob bert who died tragically alongside hime, but the crusades were won.
Jebus lives on the moon to this day trying to find a cure for cancer.

2. Homer Simpson's grammar error
We can now differentiate from the Chinese communists thanks to Jebus.

Lord, praise Jebus!
by TheBowser701 January 26, 2010
1. A condom intended for use with another male.

2. A person who acts like a "Fag".

3. A used condom thrown on the ground in a public area and has "lol" written all over it.
Wow, look at that fag bag!

Bob wants Joe to use a fag bag
by TheBowser701 January 22, 2010
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