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A TV show on the History Channel where people get ripped off on the stuff they want to sell.
Typical Pawn Stars moment:

Bob: I have the cross that Jesus died on.

Rick Harrison: You have the cross that Jesus died on, I'll give you 5 bucks.

Bob: Fuck you
by theboogyman October 22, 2013
From what seems to be but am unsure of "brothers girlfriend"
My brothers girlfriend is Schmonfarht
by TheBoogyman October 26, 2007
Half Porsche half Corsica.... This car could rally the hell out of Hendertucky.
Derrick tried numerious time to kill me in the "porschica" corsica gone porsche.
We tried over and over to roll the porschica.
The only thing that could stop the porschica is a wall.
by TheBoogyman October 26, 2007

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