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An Alph-nade is an adjective given to a completly random frag granade thown in a multiplayer video game, which kills one or more opponents. Originated in Halo 2.
When the alph-nader (n00b) has successfully performed an alph-nade, the universal celebration is to to cry "ohhhhhhh omg i R so awsuM!!!!11!!!
During a COD4 session:

Spetsnaz team - "oh for fucks sake they are throwing Alph-nades again"
Man on Spetsnaz team using eavesdrop perk hears - "Ohhhh omg i R so awsuM!!!!11!!!"
by TheBlindDawg July 04, 2009
Pronounced - "shoosh-tig" weapon.

Another name given to the Shotgun in any game under the Halo franchise.
Derived from the German word "schoosteg", meaning "to fuck things up"
Man 1: Ohh yea! I got the Shooshtig weapon and i'm gonna screnen to pwn all you n00bs!
Man 2: Not unless i open up a can of whoop ass on you with my sneefen rifle!
by TheBlindDawg July 05, 2009
Pronounced "Scren-en".

The act of viewing another persons section of the Tv during a split-screen video game in order to gain a better understanding of your opponents position.
n00b 1: Haha you just got pwned by Shotgun!
n00b 2: Only cos you screnen'd Hax0r!

Example 2:

"yea lets to a no scope match, but no screnen!!"
by TheBlindDawg July 05, 2009
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