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When a man's hair slowly makes its way from the top of his head down to his back and ass.
Did you see Bill at the beach? He's in the middle of a full-scale hair migration! He's got more hair on his back than on his head.
by TheBigHouse June 13, 2014
(Noun) A skirt that is a little bit too high. Named after the famed manager who also stands a bit above the dugout.
Guy 1: Man, check out that skank in the LaRussa skirt!
Guy 2: Yeah, you can see everything.
by TheBigHouse January 20, 2012
Received a blow job
Guy #1: Really? Right there in the restaurant parking lot?
Guy #2: Yep, I guess she was still hungry so I whipped up a protein shake.
by TheBigHouse February 18, 2012

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