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Bastardized verbal offshoot of Choob, which denotes a High Level Noob (generally, really lame Hi-Lvl Offensive Choob, Zero Def Chumpleteers).

Said as: Choob-luh-teer

Choob was originally coined by Frog_Stomper during a Runescape fishing trip in Karamja, during the usual Level Up sessions.

"Choobleteer" was later coined as an add on to the general douchebaggery found in the Wildy (pre-current RS lameness) when actual HIGH LEVEL Players would go out to mine, and really lame, Zero-Def Choobs would show up in groups to gangbang and do 'Tard-By's on unsuspecting people.

(During the good old days of Auto-Miners)

Evidently, unknown to Frog_Stomper, Choob has become defined in the Urban Dictionary.

See also: Chooblet(s), Chumpleteer(s)

Used primarily for denotion of "ghey" or choob groups in the old RS Wildy.
Like the 3 "Musketeers", except the stupid low-def versions running in packs with no actual skills.

All coined prior to heavy text/chat filters in use in RS now, but used primarily to replace basic cursing of opponents, or general retarded douchebaggery.
Choobleteers- Dude, we went mining at the addy rocks way past 16 Wildy, and a bunch of Zero Def. Choobleteers did a 'tard-by on us. Good thing, I only lost an Addy pick.

Chumpleteers- Man, did you see those freaktards gangbang that Choob mage? Run you moron, they are coming after us........it is like watching a gang of stupid monkeys chase a hot dog I threw down a hallway.......

Choob- Dude, you are a Zero Def. Choob, the only thing you are good for is me beating on you, and watching you get 'Tard-Pooned by other Chooblets.
by TheBigGiz August 22, 2008

See also: Choob, Choobleteer, Chumpleteer, Choobletard.(And Pluralities)

Generally denotes RuneScape (old version).

1. Denotes low skilled PK'er (player killer) who can't even cook Tuna, and begs Lobbies. Plural is "Chooblets", which denotes large group of PK'er 'tards running loose in old version RS Wildy and acting like a "clan". (Chooblet Clans)

2. RS Players with no actual usefulness, unless they drop decent items when they die, while you ARE trying to do something useful in the old Wildy, like mine Addy, Coal, or Rune.

3. Same as Choob, just a more derogatory terminology, also denoting MORE stupid or lame than general Choobness. Meaning basically: "A Really Wannabe Choob"

4. Can SOMETIMES denote a Female player, depending on situation and group. Otherwise "Stoofu" or "Stoofubartard" is used to tell them to shut up (STFU).

See also: Choob(s), Chooblet(s), Choobleteer(s), Chumpleteer(s), and Choobletard(s)

Time Definition: All loosely used by Frog_Stomper prior to new RS.
Dude, why is it every time I go to the coal pile on the east side, some Chooblet is sitting there just camping for a miner?

Total no skill Chooblets out there tonight, time to hit the Fally Dwarf mine with the other Choob Auto-Miners.


Forget it, there are about 500 Choobletard clans running around out there tonight, no Wildy mining for me.

Dude, tell the Chooblet Chick to Stoofubartard herself for me
by TheBigGiz August 22, 2008

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