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One of the premier schools in Texas, and part of the Big 12. Well-known for its academics and athletics team. Texas Tech is located outside of Lubbock, Texas, farther north then the other major Texas universities. Also well known for attempting to join the Texas A&M-UT rivalry and claiming dominance in sports, athletics and general attractiveness of the student population, while truly possessing second-rate academics and an extremely glorified football team. While still a good school, Tech is mostly populated by students who failed to get into A&M or UT and still seek to attend a Texas school.
University of Texas Graduate: I managed to get 5 job offers from major companies!

Texas A&M Graduate: Same here!
Texas Tech University Graduate: Not me, I didn't get any because everyone knows my degree is bullshit
by TheBigF89 October 15, 2010

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