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The acronym DTP stands for Down to Pho. Pho is a vietnamese noodle dish which is famous for bringing friends together and filling stomachs. Often used in a question, DTP?, the answer given should always be, Pho Sho!
Tai Ho: Dude I'm sooooo hungry!

BigBuddha: Down to Pho (DTP)?

Jle: Pho Sho! Good idea!
#dtp #pho #vietnamese #noodles #sho
by TheBigBuddha May 02, 2011
Acronym for Down To Pho. To have the desire to get pho soup noodles
Friend: Dude, I am sooooo hungry!

You: DTP?

Friend: Pho sho! Good idea!
#down #to #pho #sho #dtp
by TheBigBuddha May 02, 2011
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