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The name of a really conformist school located in Palatine, Illinois where half the students are AP and the other half are dumbasses.
I graduated from Fremd High School in 7 years.
by TheAznSensation April 11, 2004
What Sammy Sosa uses to increase his homerun production and attain stained records.
Sammy Sosa and his personal trainer agreed that a combination of cork and steroids is whats best to inflate his stats.
by TheAznSensation May 05, 2004
The name of a really crappy "sport" that imitates basketball but bastardizes it by adding props such as trampolines and is played by a bunch of unathletic hispanics.
Pedro and Juwon won the slamball game 2-1.
by TheAznSensation April 15, 2004
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