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Origin: Battlefield:Bad Company 2.
1) An in-game act of using any vehicle, primarily a M1A2 or T90 Main Battle Tank, and killing an enemy and/or an objective from a distance at or greater than standard vision at the firing position.

2) A term for when one person seemingly, instantly steals the attention between two people, be it the interest of a boss or the interest of the opposite sex. On purpose, or unexpectedly.
I almost had the perfect girl. We had similar interests and made each other happy. But then, some rich guy saw us together and Tank-Sniped me by showing her his Porsche. She hasn't called or text me back since.
by TheArteestRJL91 July 07, 2011
The random, sloppy tying of ropes, strings and any other binding device into an "unofficial" knot to secure items.
In rough waves a sailor was in a hurry to secure his gear, he quickly tied the ropes into an odd "hope knot;" As in, "I hope this knot doesn't come undone!"
by TheArteestRJL91 July 21, 2011

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