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A gay man that likes to hold balls in his hands and swing them around. Usually with more than one other guy.
"Man! Gerald is such a ball juggler! I walked into his room and he had like 6 balls in his hand, and all the 3 guys were enjoying it!"
by TheAntiBallJuggler April 29, 2009
When a guy has the ability to suck himself off.
When Jamal's hand wasn't enough, he decided to start a love circle.
by TheAntiBallJuggler April 30, 2009
Word you use when you have a brain-fart and use the word to replace an actual sentence. Always gets the point across because of the stupidity engraved in the word. The best word ever.
Dude: And then I fell off my board and hit the ground!
Other dude: Dude!!
Dude: Dude! I know!!
Other dood: DUDE!!!
Dude: RIGHT DOOD?!?!?!11?!!?1
by TheAntiBallJuggler May 01, 2009
When a chick teases you really good and you think you're going to get laid, and then she totally stops. Like a dead arm, but more painful/important/cruel.
Dude with a boner: Oh my god baby you're so hot!
Hot blonde Sweedish chick: So are you! (playing with his dick)
Dude with a boner: So this means I'm getting laid right?
Hot blonde Sweedish chick: Nope. (As she walks out of the room and drives home)
Dude with a boner: Man! She gave me such a dead dick!
by TheAntiBallJuggler April 30, 2009
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