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1)Real life. Noun- Ryuku is the Pseudonym of the 13-year old boy Sonic RPer, who uses his Fan-Char of the same name.Even though he is stated to be a boy, His gender IS debated.

2)Fan-Char. Noun.- Ryuku is an Ismadi, A cat of the planet Earthbind(Also Made by real-life Ryuku).He is also the first prince of the Ismadi empire.His love interest is Ichika, a Tanuki(raccoon dog made by real-life "Cloud"(Pseudonym),A 13 year old girl.), And he has a daughter, Hatsu(Meaning 'First Born' In Japanese).
1)Ryuku is one of the more intelligent idiots on the face of the planet.

2)1: So. Ryuku and Ichika had sex.
2: Really?
1: Hell yeah.
by TheAllSeer January 27, 2008
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