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A fairly decent game, run by ijji its probably the only game on their you can compete fairly evenly without buying premium items.

However this game is wrecked by noob glitches, anti recoils and wall hacks.

Its also wrecked by:
- Nubbies who don't know what "Ping" means. (E.g. They think it has nothing to do with lag)
- Idiots that like to accuse you of walling, but in reality you can hear the idiots coming.
- Idiots who call you a tanker when you actually have body armor on and have gone lite.
Soldier Front Nooblet Examples:

"Omfgz your suchz a wallerz!!"
"I could hear you, fking dumb head"
- silence -

"Body armour dickhead"
by TheActualM9 August 28, 2009

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