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To use family and inner soul as reasons for not seeking to serve in public office, as opposed to the real reason. I'm making a shitload of money where I'm at.
Future Jobs Reports indicate increasing unemployment rates for stand-up comedians in wake of Trump's decision to Huckabee
by TheAcsMan May 16, 2011
The aggressive personna adopted online when cloaked behind relative anonymity
Rupert put on a beautiful show of webchismo in his Tweet responding to a proponent of Obamacare by calling him an "effete bloviator."
by TheAcsMan November 07, 2013
having no substance; without spine or backbone; illusory; bending under pressure
Governor Rick Perry spoke a tough game while on the campaign trail, but those who knew him best, also knew that he was all foreskin.
by TheAcsMan September 12, 2011

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