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The act of learning about and/or being updated on the most current internet fads and slang.
Gerard: Do0d! me n my cl4n t0tally pWn3d sum nuBcakeZ 1n a raid last nit3!

Jordan: I don't know what that means... talk to some one who's up on their internetducation.
by The4RealDeal June 18, 2008
A remark which one uses at the end of an awkward or uncomfortable verbal exchange in an attempt to close the conversation.
Arnie: Yeah so did I ever tell you that I was conceived as a product of incest? It's a tradition in my family to bear children that way.

Buddy: wh-WHAT?! Uhm... gee thanks for the milk.. BUT I've got to be uhh going.
by The4RealDeal November 01, 2009
When you, the 'joker', privately make a hilarious joke at school, work, or in a group of friends and the 'jokee' then passes it on to others, or merely says it louder than you, thus giving the impression that they were the original creator of the joke.
*(Dude 1 whispers hilarious joke..)

Dude 2: HAHAHAHA Hey everyone!
I've got a hilarious joke!!

Dude 1: Hey wat gives?? Why u joke-jacking??
by The4RealDeal November 02, 2008
An adjective synonymous to descriptors such as 'great' or 'awesome'.
Guy #1: "Did you see that touchdown?! That was sick!!"
Guy #2: "It was better than sick! It was on boobs!!"
by The4RealDeal June 18, 2008
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