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A date centered around a particularly Midwestern activity. Like 'Yote Huntin', deer driving or perhaps a rousing ride in the harvester combine with your significant other.
Jane: "oh Norma, the other day me and Bob went and sat in his tree-stand for 7 hours starting at 4am!"
Norma: "I wish I could go on more Midwest date!"

Ross: "Did you see how many 'coons me and Jim got the other night!?"
Joel: "Yeah! You should have taken the miss'es with you"

Midwestern 8th Grader: "Emma and Jared sittin' in a tree, K I L L I N G!"
A different 8th Grader: "duh it's a Midwest Date!"
by The1dietrich January 18, 2013
Refers to the completely asinine feeling you get when you ask about someone's older relative because you knew they were struggling with some sickness... and they recently DIED.

There is literally nothing you can say after you ask "How's your Grandma?" and they tell you their Grandma is now dead.
"Hey man, so How's your Grandma?"
by The1dietrich January 18, 2013

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