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A term used to describe anybody who looks good enough to masturbate to, usually in a fashion sense; Another way of saying incredibly sexy.
For example:

Amy: "Hey, Kelly! Damn! Did you just go shopping for some new clothes?"
Kelly: "Hey, Amy! Yeah, I did. Thanks to that new diet, I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Thought I'd try out my new look. Whaddya think?" *Turns around*
Amy: "Wow, Kelly! Look, I'm not gay or anything, but you look absolutely Fapulous! You're gonna kill at the party tonight!"
Kelly: "Thanks, Amy! Uh, what the fuck does Fapulous mean?"
by The1Atheist January 04, 2014
In addition to being associated with the other definitions on this page, a Fuck-rag also refers to anything that you use to clean yourself after masturbation (tissue, sock, washcloth, etc.) And like the other definitions expressed here, it is also a venomous insult.
For example:

"Greg, did you just put a dent and scratches on my new car? I just got it yesterday, and it wasn't there before."
Greg: "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you! Me and the guys went out to get beers last night; I was a little buzzed and kinda sorta jumped a curb and ran into some dude's mailbox...Sorry, man."
"Greg, you stupid Fuck-rag! The car was a RENTAL!!! And it's in MY NAME!!! How the hell am I gonna explain this to the insurance company, the car-rental place, AND the asshole whose mailbox you ran over??!!"
Greg: "Sorry, dude." *pops open can of beer and takes it to the head*
by The1Atheist January 03, 2014
An act in which a person very nearly enters into a sexual relationship with someone who, unbeknownst to them, is a close relative, ala Luke and Leia.

Hey, it happens. You can also say "Pulled a Skywalker", as in, "So-and-so almost Pulled a Skywalker with so-and-so."
For example:

Henry: "'Sup, Jay. Man, did you hear about Mike?"
Jay: "Naw. What happened?"
Henry: "Well, apparently that hot blonde chick he was going out with the past few weeks... was his first cousin!"
Jay: "WHAT??!!"
Henry: "Yeah! Dude almost got caught Pulling a Skywalker with his own cousin and didn't even know it!"
Jay: "Hahaha! Man, Mike's lucky the worst thing they did was make out a few times!"
by The1Atheist January 04, 2014
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