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Contrary to the other listed definitions , is not a bitch drink with low alcohol content. In fact it has MORE alcohol content than the average beer. It also tastes WAY better. Drinking piss does not make you more of a man.
Scenario 1

Guy 1 : (Is drinking smirnoff)

Guy 2 : You drink smirnoff? LOL!

Guy 1 : Hey idiot , read your beers label and read my smirnoffs label

Guy 2 : ....... what the.... WHAT THE HELL! BEER ONLY HAS 4.2% ALC AND SMIRNOFF ICE HAS 4.5%?

Guy 1 : Yes , you're an idiot.

Scenario 2 :

Guy 1 : (Is drinking Smirnoff ice)

Guy 2 : Smirnoff? Lol fag!

Guy 1 : (smashes bottle over douchebags head and knocks him out)
by The-Truth873405705 August 06, 2011

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