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A semi erection, where one simply goes chubby in the trouser department.
Fuck me, Kerry is hot. I swear she gave me half a stock!
by The-Shield March 01, 2004
A small smoke interlude, usually between drinking, gaming ar watching an Arnie film.
Boon: "Stogie Time?"
by The-Shield March 07, 2004
A Semi-Woot. Something not quite up to the status of Woot.
That game was wootle
by The-Shield March 01, 2004
Yet another exclamation of happiness and joy.
"Have you heard the new Frank Sinatra compilation, its Crazy Pavin'"
by The-Shield February 26, 2004
A Right Royal Wanker
Look that Beel
by The-shield February 27, 2004
The Epitome of Style
Oooooh, he is one bee lookin mother fucker y'all
by The-shield February 27, 2004
Bad Hand. Thought to have originally stemmed from the phrase "Dealt a bad hand".

Now commonly used to mock ones downfall or misfortune.
Boon: That stupid meat head just fell over and broke his arm

Rymer: Bad Hand.


Boon: I'm Jewish, don't ya know?

Kev: Bad Hand. WHAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
by The-Shield September 22, 2004

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