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PAINUS: When a male penis is inserted into the female's anus.

Penis + Anus = Painus.

It's a noun and a verb.
Guy # 1: I had Painus with my girlfriend yesterday, it hurt like a bitch.

Guy # 2: Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Man: My wife and I were PAINUS-ing last night, all was going well till a gave her a hernia.

Friend: Ouch...
by The-Mountain November 10, 2011
A Girl who charges sex by the mile.
$10 Per Mile.

M/S + M = T
T(N) = $10(N)
M = One mile in feet
S = Size of manhood (In inches)
T = Total amount of thrusts per mile
N = Number of miles

5280/8 + 5280 = 5940
5940(1) = $10(1)
5940 = $10

So, For every 5,940 Thrusts into the Vagina or Anus, the Taxi Cab Whore charges you $10


5280/7.5 + 5280 = 5984
5984(2) = $10(2)
11968 = $20

If you thrust her for two miles worth of your manhood, Taxi Cab Whore charges you $20
by The-Mountain November 21, 2011
A Massive Pedophile.
A Wealthy Man: Someone who would likely choose their occupation as a school teacher, or a principal. They often like to hire children to "Calculate their finances"
by The-Mountain November 30, 2012
Fingering assholes.
The Wealthy Man had a child Calculate His Finances.
Unfortunately, he broke his calculator.

The child was Calculating Finances too hard.
by The-Mountain November 30, 2012

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