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pulling back what should be your intact hand after mistakenly reaching for some item you counted on as belonging to you. Most often a trick in the card game of Euchre. The actual owner of the trick having severed all or part of your hand up to, but not including the elbow. The dismemberment/amputation could occur in any of a variety of gruesome manner-- meat cleaver amputations are quickest and most successful but other more lengthy and painful mutilations might include, but not limited to, chainsaws, electric OR manual meat grinders, strait razors, butcher knives, cinder blocks, sledge hammers, boot heels, barbeque forks etc.
Juan forgot that spades was trump so when he tried to collect the trick with his ace of clubs I ground his hand from his wrist with my Black and Decker belt sander leaving only denuted bone and scraps of soft tissue in its place causing him to draw back a bloody stump.
by The-Hawk July 23, 2009
Lousy cold sleet/snow weather that is miserable to deal with in any circumstance but is especially shitty when it is in the forecast for weekends. Shitweather is usually most irritating when it occurs on summer long holiday weekends of Memorial day, 4th of July and Labor day. Shitweather sucks the life out of anyone trudging through the week with the only solace being the possibility of a few brief hours of sunshiney, warm, soul restoring respite from the cold bitter worlds mocking of your misery.
FUCK! The weather channel says clear warm and sunny all week with nothing but shitweather starting Friday through Sunday. Goddamn how I HATE Fucking SHITWEATHER!!!
by The-Hawk April 28, 2011
a plastic glove with a rough sandpapery surface used primarily to scrape peelings off of raw potatos. It's other lesser know application is self abuse by people traveling to the north woods who lock themselves inside their trailers all weekend to view low bandwith pron and potato glove themselves all weekend.
My brother came up to camp but ended up locked in his trailer all weekend with his laptop and his potato glove.
by The-Hawk September 29, 2009
To pay attention to, visit, take out for the day, etc. old grouchy people who complain constantly and most loudly to those doing the spooning that NO ONE EVER COMES TO SEE ME!!

Gee I wonder why, you are such a joy to be around.
I went to spoon the hound today and got nothing but grief.
by The-Hawk September 29, 2009

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