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A FReeper is a member of Free Republic, a supposedly open conservative forum devoted to issues dear to the hearts of patriotic Americans.

Issues important to FReepers include:

1) Unlimited access to firearms, including but not limited to: hand guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, RPG and other explosive anti personnel weapons, as well as small nuclear devices. These weapons should be available for sale, by constitutional right, everywhere without restriction or registration.

It is also the constitutional right of every American to carry any and all of the above weapons in any public place including; churches, maternity wards, the public highways, sporting events and most appropriately, funerals.

2) The FReeper does not believe in Democracy except at the State level. For the FReeper, the Federal government is merely a vehicle for the usurpation of freedom by Communists and Democrats (who FReepers view to be pretty much the same thing)

3) The FReeper is pro life except for illegal aliens (any brown non English speaking person), traffic violators and teenagers who walk across your lawn, all of whom can and should be shot in self defense.
4) The FReeper believes the world is divided into two groups; Freedom loving, God fearing, Americans (themselves) and
Communists, Illegal Alien Panderers, Islamofascists and their enablers (everyone else)

5) FReepers are tax hawks except for federal funding for the military, for whom no amount of money earned, taxed or borrowed is ever too much. Any military adventure or cockamamy weapons program is worthy of patriotic support.

FReepers who deviate from the herd on any of these subjects are generally not welcome at FR and will likely face the banhammer, or Zot as it is known on FR.
by The-Big-G November 02, 2011

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