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The only thing i the world that makes you 100% fine with being bored.

Also know as: Ganja, Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, The Kroosh, Reefer, Herb, Grass, Dope, Green Sticky Goop, Booger Brown, Schwag, Regs, Beasts, Homegrown, 420 time, El Diablo de Verde, Hairy Potter, Henry the 8th, Kirmit the Hog Leg, Dr. Phil My Pipe, Sticky Icky Icky, Martin Luther Ding Dong, Bagged Broccoli, The Babysitter, My Only Real Friend, Cheeba, O Chronic Tree, Nuggets, Diggity-Dank, Bag o' Skunk, Tide Dingleberries, Lando Calresin, The Dirty Dirty, Don Juan, Your Highness, Kind Bud, Mr. THC, Natures way of saying HIGH!
"Yo man you know where i can score a bag of summa dat Martin Luther Ding Dong?"
"Shiiit boy you know i gots dat, lemme see dat 20."

or my favorite marijuana example

"This shits called Deaf!"
"Man that doesn't even sound attractive, you mean I'm going to hit it and die?"
"No man not Death it's Deaf! You hit this shit twice man you can't hear SHIT!"
by The- Rev September 11, 2008
A little bit of weed (i.e. nug, grass, cannabis, marijuana, Anakin Highwalker) that is found upon the floor and smoked.
"Hey man do you know where i can grab a bag from?"
"Just look around in my room. I'm sure we can find some floor nug."
by The- Rev October 22, 2008

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