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SMBS:verb: Suck my ball sack. Its a form nicer thzn saying FUCK YOU!, Or saying the literal "suck my ball sack". SMBS (sounds like SMIBS) is a lot "nicer" but still gets the point across.
"Hey Jeff! Your a looser"

"Hey why dont you try SMBS!"
#suck #ballsack #fuckoff #go away #smibs
by The wordster August 07, 2008
The act of a significant other, by dressing slutty or skanky. In order to impress on the opposite sex that they wish for favors or items at no cost.
She told me that her and her friends are going on a tease war! I cant believe she would do that to me!

Dude, your girlfriend is competing in a tease war, you need to dump her.

Did you see the way she was dressed? Its obvious she is in a tease war.
#tease #cheating #heartbreak #girlfriend #boyfriend
by The Wordster September 16, 2014
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