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2 definitions by The whiter guy

A form of prefanity invented by Tycho of Penny Arcade.

The act of a condom exploding in use due to pressure. The effect is akin to a Jackson Pollock painting.
I'm really worried that next time we have sex I'll Caramel Pollock. It almost happened last time, and I wouldn't be able to stand the embarrassment.
by The whiter guy August 19, 2009
A record label, noted for its usual conservative/mainstream attitude, which has produced very few noteworthy bands and has instead promoted the likes of Silverstein, Atreyu, Thursday and other such surefire hits.

However, they also support the fearsome and wonderfully innovative Between the Buried and Me, so I am glad they exist.

They do also feature a few chill punk/alt/hardcore acts, like The Tossers and Comeback Kid.

Essentially, a minor record label which acts like a major record label.
Wow, did you hear that new Silverstein album? What a terrible waste of studio time.

Colors is too beautiful an album to be on Victory Records.

Comeback Kid aren't bad, but I prefer Cancer Bats.

Remember though, kids, it's not the label that counts, it's the band.
by The whiter guy September 07, 2009