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A word sarcastically used to describe an individual who overcomes the odds or a seemingly impossible task.
Jason: Ehh. I'm the world's number 4 starcraft player in Singapore.

WhiteJack: Woah!!! zai sia....
BlackJack: Damn Zai....

Jason: I know. Smiles to himself
by the white jack March 06, 2008
The terrorist who managed to escape from a toilet in singapore.
Mas Selamat: Hey it's hari raya. Selamat hari raya you guys! Now how do I get out of this toilet....
by The white jack March 04, 2008
An event that is held during chinese new year.
Where chinese decorations fill up the entire street. Built mainly for traditional chinese homies who enjoy loud clangs and the sound of firecrackers.

However a more appropriate use of the word. In Hokkien "chin" means very or extremely.
Gay literally means the same as fag.

Chin gay means to be very gay and to act or be like and adopt a mindset of a girl. ( in every known way )
Rule 1: a girl cannot be chingay
Rule 2: it takes a guy to be chingay
Jason: Ehh... I like to dance and be a himbo
Jack: I also ley (prances like a little girl)
Michael: Chingay!!!
by The white jack March 07, 2008

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