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an email that is recieved from your internet service provider saying that they will suspend your account if you continue in your current actions. It is sent because they have discovered that you have been doing illegal downloading of movies, music, games, and various other illegal files, usually through bit torrent.
Hey, i got a sweet little email from my isp that said i downloaded a movie and my account will be restricted if they catch me again.
by The waffles July 05, 2006
1.a word that came from tourettes guy that is used as an exclaimation of unsatisfaction or anger 2.can be used as any vulgar word of any kind.
1.(after a beer slips out of your hands onto the floor)Oh bob saggot. 2.Shut the bob saggot up. Stop being such a bob saggot head. You cheating bob saggot.
by The waffles July 05, 2006

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